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I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! The APEX team is very excited to be back on Gompers Elementary campus today! Our second lesson is to Engage, where we encouraged students to be leaders by teaching them to put down the distractions, focus in and out of the classroom, and to always participate. 


As you all know Mrs. Evans class is the winner of our second challenge, yet again, in the Share Wizard challenge with most shares in their class and they had lunch with DJ Malepeno today! Way to go! Our 3rd school wide challenge is the out-of-state challenge, where the students get any pledge from out of state of California. The winner of this challenge will get to mummify anyone on the Apex team!



Here is an update on the school's progress:


The total pledges is currently 

$293.77 per lap


In First place for most pledges is Evans with $71.00 per lap , closing in on them are Franco with $27.08 per lap, Ramirez with $22.17 per lap, and Tomczyk with $21.54 per lap!!!  


GREAT JOB by both teachers and students! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


Coaches if you haven't already please give your Apex member your captain cards. We want to take our time that we have to work with your students and improve behavior in our class.


Teachers, if a student has any cash to turn in please inform them that they can turn it in to the office with their name, teachers name, dollar amount, and email address of the donor. And it has to be more than $5 or we cannot log it in our system. This important so we can put it on the website. Apex is not allowed to handle any form of checks or physical money. Flat donations has to equal $30 to reach the prize level.


Also teachers, if can you can please tell parents to make checks payable to Gompers PTA.


If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask your Apex team! 


Thank you,


The APEX Team

Mr. T 

DJ Malepeno 

Jumpman Jared






All donations to sponsor your child are to be made online.

They earn their prizes daily!  So get everyone you know to participate!

Family, friends, co-workers, etc.


One of the awesome items the children want is the Free T-Shirt and all they have to do is to go in and establish their account with their access code.  A donation is not needed to get the Free T-Shirt.


Credit donations funds on the child's account online.  Each child was provided a lanyard ID card holder with their access code.


The PTA will appreciate all your support as funding provides for many things to enhance your child education & social development:

technology such as Ipads, chrome books, chrome book carts, computer lab, science technology, science lab &  field trips, etc.


We thank you for your continued support!

Gompers is great!


Good Afternoon everyone,


 Today was the kickoff to our lessons here at Gompers Elementary and it went amazing! The kids are absolutely loving the program and having a blast! The first lesson given today was to learn. We taught the students that the ability to learn is extremely valuable. Learning is a skill that each person has without realizing it. Having conversations with others, being in the classroom, taking test are all great examples of how we learn each day.


 The first school wide challenge that we gave was the class with the highest percentage of logins to apexfunrun.com would receive our apex trophy and their Apex member would deliver it in a tutu. The winning class was Mrs. Evans class with 69% login the first night! Way to go! Tonight's challenge is called the Share Wizard where the students can go on the Apex Fun Run site and share as many times as they want. The class with the most shares will get to have lunch with the Apex Team!


Here is an update on the schools progress:


The total pledges is currently at

$155.50 per lap


The highest class is currently Evans with $37.00 per lap  You guys are having a great start!


Coaches if you haven't already please give your Apex member your captain cards. We want to take our time that we have to work with your students and improve behavior in our class.


Also teachers, if can you can please tell parents to make checks payable to Gompers PTA.


If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask your Apex team! 


Thank you,


The APEX Team

Mr. T 

DJ Malepeno 

Jumpman Jared



Coaches please forward this attachment to parents.



Gompers Uniform Dress Code



Please keep in mind that the purpose of the uniform dress code at Gompers School is to present a professional and academic atmosphere for our students. Uniforms also promote a safer more secure campus.  We believe the dress at Gompers reflects an attitude of self-respect and a commitment to a productive, safe and focused learning environment.  Thank you for your support in helping our students be serious about school.






Solid white with a collar, light blue, red or navy blue shirts


Gompers t-shirts


Shirt with collar, polo shirt, turtlenecks, Gompers t-shirt






Shirts may not be longer than hip length



Solid khaki, navy blue or blue denim jeans


Pants, walking shorts, jumpers (girls), skirts/skorts (girls)







All colors may be worn but must be solid colors


Button up sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts with zippers


Gompers spirit wear sweatshirts

Not Approved Outerwear


Outerwear with large logos, camouflage, plaids, stripes, skulls, guns, etc.



See back of this page for more dress code requirements


Dress Code for All Students

All students must adhere to LBUSD School Dress Standards as found in the Guidelines for Parents and Students, and our school policy. 

  • Clothing worn to school must fit properly and be neat and clean. 
  • Students may not wear leggings or tights.
  • Shorts and skirts must be an appropriate length.  Shorts must be longer than the reach of the student’s fingers.
  • Students are not to be attired in clothing that compromises safety or modesty or is disruptive to the educational process
  • Clothing apparel with logos, offensive or degrading language or symbols, revealing or tight clothing, bare midriffs, halter tops, tank tops, short shorts,torn/shredded,  oversized/baggy clothing which allows underwear to be exposed, or “gang-related” apparel are not acceptable. 
  • Hats or scarves of any kind are not allowed on campus unless they meet the guidelines found in Billy’s Bill for Sun Safety. 
  • Distracting or interfering styles are prohibited (i.e. extreme colored hair color or styles such as mohawks as well as extreme cosmetics).
  • Oversized earrings/rings or other jewelry that may potentially cause injury, sunglasses and other inappropriate accessories such as sweat bands or wrist bands are not appropriate for school.  Parents will be notified if their student violates the dress code. 
  • Closed footwear that covers the entire foot must be worn for safety reasons.  Open-toed sandals, high-heeled shoes, skate shoes, and other sandal typed footwear are not appropriate for school.  Shoes must be suitable for running and playing.
  • Scouting/Campfire uniforms may be worn to school on day of the meeting in lieu of school uniform.



Assistance Programs

We have a small variety of programs in place to assist economically disadvantaged students in obtaining uniforms.  For information or to request assistance, please call the school office at (562) 925-2285. 



If you have uniforms your child has outgrown, which are still in good condition, please consider donating them to our uniform loaner program.  Donations of clean uniforms will be accepted in the school office.




Summer School Registration Begins Monday, April 10th


All 9th through 12th grade students who are interested in taking Summer School classes to make up a grade to meet graduation requirements or to fulfill college entrance requirements must register using our online enrollment system.  The online system will be available starting Monday, April 10.  Summer School registration will continue until May 14 at 5 p.m. 


Current 8th through 11th graders also have the opportunity to take a Math Summer Bridge course to help prepare them for the course work that they will be studying in the coming school year.  These courses include Pre-Algebra, Pre-Geometry and Pre-Intermediate Algebra.  These courses will be taken for elective credit and the grade issued will be a Pass/No Credit.  This is an excellent opportunity to get a jump start for next year. 


Summer School Registration will begin by completing the application online at www.lbschools.net/summer.  After the application is submitted, the student and parent will receive an email with directions for selecting the classes that you plan to take during the summer.  You should receive this email two to three schooldays after the application is submitted.


Las inscripciones para las clases de verano en las escuelas preparatorias comienzan el lunes 10 de abril


Todos los estudiantes de 9º a 12º grado escolar interesados en asistir a las clases de verano con la finalidad de mejorar una calificación para poder cumplir con los requisitos de graduación o para cumplir con un requisito de admisión universitaria deberán inscribirse a través de nuestro sistema de inscripciones en línea (por Internet). El sistema de inscripciones en línea estará disponible a partir del lunes 10 de abril. Las inscripciones para las clases de verano continuarán hasta el 14 de mayo a las 5pm. 


Los estudiantes que actualmente cursan 8º a 11º grado escolar también tienen la oportunidad de tomar un curso de Math Bridge (Puente de Matemáticas) como parte de su preparación para los cursos que estarán cursando durante el próximo ciclo escolar. Estos cursos incluyen Pre- Álgebra, Pre- Geometría y Pre- Álgebra de Nivel Intermedio. En estos cursos electivos, los estudiantes recibirán como calificación “Pasó/No Crédito”. Esta es una excelente oportunidad para poner en marcha un gran inicio para el próximo ciclo escolar.   


Las inscripciones para las clases de verano se comenzarán llenando la solicitud en línea en www.lbschools.net/summer. Después de enviar la solicitud, el estudiante y los padres del estudiante recibirán un correo electrónico con instrucciones para seleccionar las clases que el estudiante planea tomar durante el verano. El correo electrónico lo recibirán 2-3 días escolares después de haber enviado la solicitud.