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Policies And Procedures



We would like you to take this opportunity to review important information.  The following pages will familiarize you with school routines and procedures. 



Absence: When a student is absent from school, a written excuse for the absence is necessary upon the student’s return to school (no later than 3 days after the last date of absence).  The absence note must contain the following: student’s first and last name, grade, date(s) of absence, reason for absence, parent/guardian signature.  (We need a telephone call to the teacher on the second day of absence.)  Excused absences include: illness, doctor or dentist visit, funeral of immediate family member, or pediculosis.  Provide doctor/clinic notes for any absences due to medical appointments or extended illness.


Attendance: Academic excellence and the development of habits basic to good citizenship depend upon a student’s regular and punctual attendance at school.  Your help in this respect will be appreciated.  Students with excessive absences or tardies will receive notices from our school and may be reported to the LBUSD Attendance Services Department.


Tardiness: When students arrive late to school, they must have a written excuse note from their parent/guardian when they check-in at the office.


Releasing children during the school day: Occasionally a child must be excused during the school day for a doctor or dental appointment. Please provide proof of appointment at the time when signing the student out or upon return to school.  When a child needs to leave school early, a parent whose signature is on the enrollment card or an adult listed on the enrollment card must come to the office, present adequate identification and sign the child out.  Under no circumstances will a student be released to anyone who is not listed on the enrollment card.  The child will then be called to meet you in the office.





Parent Conferences:  Conferences will take place in November and again in February.  The purpose of parent conferences is to communicate the individual academic progress and needs of the student.  Conferences are also a time for us to meet parents and spend some time discussing student’s personality, learning style, and any home and family situations that will help us to work as an effective team in the support of the student.  Middle schools teachers will meet with parents as needed throughout the year.





Student Conduct: Students are expected to follow the rules and guidelines stated in the LBUSD Guidelines for Parents and Students.  Appropriate consequences will be administered for misconduct.  This applies to pupil conduct on the school bus as well as conduct walking to and from school or bus stops.


Toys, Electric Games, etc.: The school provides all books, supplies and sports equipment.   When a student brings an item from home it can be lost, damaged, or the source of a dispute.  Toys or games brought to school may be held in the office until a parent can come pick it up.  Unless requested by the teacher for a specific class activity, toys must be left at home.


Cell PhonesThe use of cell phones for voice or text communication during the school day from 8:45 AM to 3:32 PM is strictly prohibited. (ED Code: 48901.5)  Students are asked to leave all such devices at home.  Cell phones or other electronic devices are to remain completely off during the entire school day.  This also prohibits using them for picture taking and video taping.  Many cell phones have internet access and serve as MP3 players for which the school has no control over the content of videos or the lyrics of songs shared at school.  The school will not be responsible for student’s electronics or cell phones against loss, theft or damage. 

Violation of this policy will result in confiscation of the device and returned only to parents or guardians.  Habitual offenses will result in further disciplinary actions not to exclude detention, suspension on or off campus, suspension center or transfer to another school.  If students need to use a phone in an emergency, they may use the class room or office phones.


Use of Office Telephones: Calls from students are limited to emergencies.  Please plan in advance when making arrangements for being picked up.  The phone is not for convenience calls.


Lost and Found Items: Please see that your personal belongings - especially coats, jackets, sweaters, and rainy weather wraps - are clearly marked with your name. This is a must and will help insure prompt return of lost articles.  The Lost and Found is located in the crates in the Administration Hallway.  Items not picked up in a timely fashion will be donated to charity.


Address or Phone Changes: IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to notify us immediately of a change in your home address, home telephone number, business address or telephone, or the name of the person to call in an emergency.  We may need to contact your parents quickly in case of accident or illness.


Medication:  A “Medication at School” form must be signed by a licensed physician and signed by a parent/guardian if medication is needed during school hours. 


Involvement in Drugs or Alcohol at School

It is important to caution all students regarding student involvement in drugs and alcohol at school or at any student body activity (even those off campus).  This bulletin is to place students on notice that any involvement with controlled substances, including alcohol or any intoxicants, while at school, going to and from school, or while at any student body activity, will result in disciplinary action.  The discipline ranges from a disciplinary transfer to another school to expulsion from the Long Beach Unified School District.  This also includes instances where a student is not the owner of the substance.


In Possession of a Weapon or Look-Alike at School

It is important to caution all students regarding student possession of a weapon or look-alike at school or at any student body activity (even those off campus).  This bulletin is to place students on notice that any possession of a weapon while at school, going to and from school, or while at any student body activity, will result in disciplinary action.  The discipline ranges from a disciplinary transfer to another school to expulsion from the Long Beach Unified School District. This also includes instances where a student is not the owner of the weapon.






Applications: The application for free or reduced meals was mailed to your home in August.  If you have not returned one, please do so IMMEDIATELY with the Cafeteria Supervisor.  A new application is required each year for a student to be able to continue on the program.


Meal Service UpdateStudents, who do not submit a new meal application or are found not eligible for free or reduced meals, will be served a complete meal and it will be charged onto their account with a credit limit of $10 (approximately 3 days worth of meals).  Reimbursement will then be requested from parents/guardians.  Be aware that you may reach the credit limit prior to the first notification.  Students without free or reduced eligibility, or failure to pay their account, will thereafter cause the student to be provided a fruit in place of a meal.  Parents are encouraged to prepay for meals to the Cafeteria Supervisor.


Meals: Breakfast is served at 8:25 for students wishing to eat breakfast at school.  The regular price for Middle School Students breakfast is $2.00 and t lunch is $3.00.  Elementary Breakfast is $1.75 and lunch is $2.50.   Prices are subject to change.


Breakfast and Lunch Menu:  If you want to know what is on the menu, you can either call (562) 427-7923 or go to the District’s web site www.lbschools.net and find Nutrition Services on the alphabetical listing and click on school meals.  The web site also has the nutrient analysis of the menus.





Before School: Playground supervision is provided at beginning at 8:15 a.m.  For safety reasons, students may not arrive prior to that time.  Your cooperation is expected.


After School: Our recreation staff supervises after school on the playground until 4:00 p.m.  Students who need to wait for parents must wait on the playground.  Students must leave for home or be picked up promptly by 4:00 p.m.  Playground rules must be observed at all times or the student will not be allowed to stay after school.  Students may not wait for their parents in the front of the school more than 10-15 minutes.  Parents who are in need of supervision after 4 p.m. are encouraged to apply for the WRAP Program or the YMCA Program.

Rainy Day Supervision: Supervision is provided in the cafeteria and auditorium on rainy days.





Personal Security:  Upon arriving on campus, students must not leave at any time unless signed out by a parent.  Also, once a student has left the campus, they are not allowed to re-enter.


Bicycles:  For those students who do ride bicycles to school, the following regulations are to be followed:

          1.  Bicycle helmets are required.

          2.  Bicycles are required to be parked & locked in designated areas.

          3.  Bicycles are to be walked on and off school grounds.

          4.  Double riding is not permitted.

          5.  Bicycles are required to be licensed.

Disregard for the above will result in the student not being allowed to ride a bicycle to school. 


Safety Drills:  Fire, earthquake and disaster drills are a part of the school safety program and are required by California law.


Pets at School: Students may not bring a family pet to school unless it is approved by the classroom teacher prior to bringing the pet in.  A parent must accompany the pet and take it home right after it is shared with the class.


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